Candy Crush all level tips and walkthrough videos

Candy Crush have more then thousand levels and all have different goals and objectives. There are usually five types of games that we usually have to play that is shared below. You can get more explained tips on home page and level by level tips below.

Jelly Levels

For jelly levels you need to break candies with jelly. Some jellies require twice or some time single time to crush the jellies.

Ingredients Levels

In ingredients level we need to move ingredients by crushing candies near to them or by using special candy that you can use to move ingredients more fast to take them out from the table.

Time Levels

For time level we need to get specific score withing specific time.

Order Levels

Order level give some goals that we need to collect. Like we might need to collect striped candy, or any color candy or might need to collect any blockers.

Moves Levels

For moves level we have target score that we need to achieve within specific moves. Like 2000 points within 20 moves.

Level by Level candy crush tips and walkthrough video