Candy Crush Level 2383 Tips and Walkthrough Video

Candy Crush Saga Level 2383 Goals

  • Objectives: Get the target score within specific moves.
  • Moves: 22
  • Target Score: 250000 Points.
  • Difficulty: Hard

Candy Crush Level 2383 Tips or Cheats:

special candies combo
To get the more score within all moves try to crush the candies more from bottom of the board. That will help to moves and shuffle candies plus with crush candies automatically or could give you special candy. Try to mix more same color candies when you have chance to get special candy then combine them with each other to get more score and atleast 250000 points. You could get some more help or technique by playing walkthrough video that is below.

Candy Crush Saga Level 2383 Walkthrough Video

2 Comments on Candy Crush Level 2383 Tips and Walkthrough Video

  1. Debby Collins // October 4, 2017 at 11:31 pm // Reply

    This isn’t even my board. Don’t you read any of the ones board looks like this. Fix it!!!Impossible with the board we got

  2. This is not my board. Mine is impossible….can get to the licorice, but the most I’ve gotten are maybe 10. I REFUSE to spend money. When they switched the gold bars from 60 to 30, that did it! Plus, you never land on the gift basket on the daily spin.

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