Candy Crush Level 1871 Tips and Walkthrough Video

Candy Crush Saga Level 1871 Goals

  • Objectives: Get the target score within specific moves.
  • Moves: 25
  • Target Score: 400000 Points.
  • Difficulty: Medium

Candy Crush Level 1871 Tips or Cheats:

To get the more score within all moves try to crush the candies more from bottom of the board. That will help to moves and shuffle candies plus with crush candies automatically or could give you special candy. Try to mix more same color candies when you have chance to get special candy then combine them with each other to get more score and atleast 400000 points. You could get some more help or technique by playing walkthrough video that is below.
special candies combo

Candy Crush Saga Level 1871 Walkthrough Video

4 Comments on Candy Crush Level 1871 Tips and Walkthrough Video

  1. Each time I think king is thinking of its players along comes another impossible level. You always show an easy board. The boards that you show are never the same as the ones that turn up. All the pleasure has gone out of the game. I have played for a long time, but not much longer I fear.

  2. Still impossible. What about making this a little easier. I think I have just about had enough.

  3. Bonnie eubanks // May 24, 2021 at 2:17 am // Reply

    No way. Not pass 15 spins left all the time. Give me the board you showed that wagon. Have used 12 boosters.

  4. Bonnie eubanks // May 24, 2021 at 2:20 am // Reply

    Show me the board that won. Have used 12 boosters. Never pass 15 spins. This isn’t fun as usual. You guys know what you are doing. 3rd week now. By tomorrow I’m done.

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