Candy Crush Free Lives Cheats

If you are much addictive to candy crush saga then probably you playing and passing too many levels in a day. Some time it could frustrate you if you have 0 lives and you don’t want to buy and want some free lives. There are few techniques that I am sharing below.

Add more Facebook friend that play candy crush

You could join any candy crush group and add friends that play candy crush. Or you could some Facebook profiles and add some random candy crush friends and share lives to each profile.

Get multiple free lives from single gift

You can get five lives from single live gift by clicking accept button multiple time within a second. You can see video from below

Free lives by changing your smart phone time

You can get life by cheating the Candy Crush timer by changing the time and set the time ahead the timer. This cheat work for few phones and you could by lucky.




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  1. Not fun any more. Just stupid game after stupid game. I’m out of here!

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